This is the President
by on Nov 25, 2021

This is the President prepares for inauguration this December with new trailer

THQ Nordic has released a new trailer for satirical political thriller This is the President ahead of its launch next month.

As the title suggests, the game puts you in the role of the most powerful person in the United States. However, the twist is that you also happen to be a shady multi-millionaire businessman with a long list of crimes. Therefore your aim is to change the United States constitution to help you get away Scott-free.

You’ll have to juggle your Presidental duties with those of your mob-like underlings. There’ll be hiring and firing of your Presidential staff and those running your criminal empire. You’ll also have to deal with political opponents, the media and those pesky important tasks of running the country, through things like taxes and foreign policy, as you do.

You’ll need to keep your approval as high as possible to remain in power until you can change the law. And while you can do this through holding press conferences, preparing speeches and the like, you can also hire hackers, assassins and other specialists. These nefarious folks can then be sent on dangerous missions to help improve your standing even further. It’s up to you how you choose to take charge.

Check out the gameplay trailer for This is the President for yourself down below. The game arrives on December 6, 2021 for PC.


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This is the President

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This is the President

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06 December 2021