Work on the embattled Stargate Worlds, the MMO based on the popular science fiction universe, has been dumped in favour of a completely new third-person Stargate game, called Stargate Resistance.

In the newly launched Stargate Resistance website, creative consultant Chris Klug said the game "pits teams of Stargate Command personnel against the System Lords and their minions in exhilarating real-time online battles".

"The game focuses on three really exciting elements: fluid team-centric play (the classes support one another), fast-paced real-time combat, and wonderful maps designed specifically to bring these two sides into conflict through dynamic hand-to-hand and ranged combat.

"Resistance brings to our fans the kind of gameplay SGW never planned to deliver. Resistance delivers the combat, weapons and tactics seen so often on the show that many of you have been asking for. I know this game will excite fans who have longed to go toe-to-toe with a Jaffa as well as those who always wanted to dominate the galaxy in ways the MMO could only hint at, and I'm proud to have been part of this team and prouder still that Firesky is bringing this product to you. Everyone working hard on this title is equally proud, and well they should be."

Stargate Resistance will be released on PC only in the first quarter of 2010.

So what of Stargate Worlds? According to Massively, SGW team member Ian Stock said: "SGW will be worked on; but at a much lower rate compared to that of Resistance...That is until such a time when SG:R has become comfortable financially (enough) to then begin ramping up SGW again."