The chefs at Kanada-Ya restaurant in Piccadilly have created a limited-edition ramen dish to honour the upcoming launch of the quite highly anticipated game, Destiny 2. To celebrate the release of the game, Kanada-Ya will be serving the exclusive Destiny 2 Ramen from September 4-17 for £17. It had better be good ramen.

The creation of this dish will definitely set the taste buds tingling for fan-favourite, Cayde-6. The quip spouting vanguard has a particular fondness for ramen and he’s often heard mentioning his dish of choice from the ‘Spicy Ramen’ store. In homage to the likeable rogue, Kanada-Ya has created a time-limited Destiny 2 ramen dish which combines Niboshi Dashio, hand pulled noodles, chashu pork belly, chilli prawn, red oil, bamboo shoots and shredded leek for fans of Cayde-6 and loyal patrons of Kanada-Ya to indulge in.

Destiny 2 ramen

It’ll be hard to miss this dish if you’re in the Piccadilly/Soho part of town as there will be a custom-made ‘Spicy Ramen’ neon sign literally shining a light on Cayde-6’s favourite dish. Now there's no excuse to skip a meal in the building hype to the game. Not that I care, my attention was piqued at the mere mention of food.

Hurry though, as the dish will be available everyday from 4-17 September and there’ll be a limit of 40 portions per day. It really is limited.

This isn't the first time that games companies have done weird stuff with food. Rockstar once made a few cases of Pißwasser beer for Grand Theft Auto, Capcom set up a 'Wesker and Sons butcher pretending to sell human meat, and Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant recently had a Final Fantasy XV inspired menu.

Destiny 2 is out on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version will follow coming out on October 24.

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