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The Uncharted movie has been brought forward to July 2021, announces Sony

Uncharted will now premiere on July 16, 2021, instead of October 10, 2021, announced Sony (via IGN). 

The rescheduling is one of a cluster of films that have been impacted by production problems arising from the pandemic. In March, recorded cases of the coronavirus were increasing sharply in European countries, including Germany, which is where filming for Uncharted would have begun. To protect cast and crew from contracting the disease, Sony chose to stop filming the long-suffering project until the global situation recovers.

Even though the release date has been moved forward, this doesn’t necessarily mean that filming has started again. It is possible that certain scenes in certain locations have been cut, or that these locations will be simulated through CGI. The discovery that Mamma Mia Here We Go Again in Greece wasn’t actually filmed in Greece and the beautiful vistas were blue screens rocked the world. That being said, it does save a lot of time, money, and risk for Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg to stand in a big warehouse and pretend they’re in Malta. 

The Uncharted movie will be released on July 16, 2021.


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