Focus Home Interactive and Developer Deck 13 have announced that the recently-released, sci-fi, hardcore-action, Souls-like RPG The Surge is getting a demo on PS4, PC and Xbox One next week. It's also been confirmed that the demo will have PS4 Pro support, including HDR, 4K and 60 FPS.

Sharing the news on the game’s official Twitter, the developer hasn’t revealed any more details on what exactly the demo consists of, such as how long it’ll be or where in the game it is set, but a creative producer at Focus Home has confirmed that it retains your progress - so a betting man might well think the demo starts at the start of the game.

The Surge is a sci-action RPG from the creators of Lords of the Fallen, released in May to fairly middling reviews ( Set in a dystopian earth on the brink of extinction, The Surge sees players taking control of Warren, an augmented worker, who awakens after a cataclysmic event which happened on his first day in a new job. Warren is thrust into a deadly new world, where everything’s gone to pot, robots have gone nuts, augmented co-workers have been driven insane and it seems like everyone wants him dead. So, naturally, he sets off to save the world and find out what had really happened.