Sci-fi action RPG The Surge will release in May for PS4, Xbox One and PC, Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive have announced.

Alongside the release window comes a new CGI trailer which explores lead character Warren's first day on the job at CREO, the megacorporation on a mission to save a dystopian world from itself.

As a new augmented worker, Warren's first day isn't your typical 9 to 5.

"Warren’s first day coincides with a catastrophic event deep inside CREO, during the routine surgical operation meant to graft, through flesh and bone, the exo-suit required for the company's employees," explains Deck 13. "This disastrous event marks the first in a series of brutal events, turning this first day at CREO into a hellish nightmare of robots gone haywire, crazed employees with fried cranial implants, and artificial intelligence all wanting Warren dead."

Source: Deck 13

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