The Sun's cover story today claims that terrorists are using online chat channels on PlayStation and Xbox to plot terrorist attacks.

"Islamic extremists know cops monitor phone calls, emails and online messages," reads the article. "So they are turning to PlayStation and Xbox games to keep their deadly plans secret.

"Gamers can log on in groups to play against each other and - crucially - to chat in private. Once signed in to a 'lobby' using a password, plotters put on Bluetooth headsets and speak securely to conspirators on the same site."

Games including Call of Duty, Halo and Medal of Honor are mentioned as terrorist tools.

"It's a terrifying reality," a source told The Sun. "These people waste no time finding a secure method of chatting.

"They are logging into group games over the internet and discussing terror plots. Security people know about it. For millions who love these games this will be a huge shock."

The article even states there is some evidence that "would-be jihadists treat war games as training tools, a bit like a pilot might use a flight simulator".