Lower than hoped sales of The Secret World have seen developer FunCom change its focus from large-scale MMOs to "smaller, more focused online games", the firm said in its second quarter financial report.

"Initial sales of The Secret World have been below expectations, as communicated in the stock notice of the 10 August," said FunCom.

Sales currently stand at more than 200,000 copies, with FunCom placing some blame on announcements for key rivals.

"The week before the launch of The Secret World NCsoft announced the launch date for Guild Wars 2 to be the 28 August. Blizzard followed up the week later with announcing a 25 September release date for the new expansion to World of Warcraft; Mists of Pandaria. Both of these announcements have impacted sales of a new brand like The Secret World further."

As a result FunCom says it will "concentrate its new development on more focused, systems-driven games that have a high degree of community and player interaction. These games require less time and development cost to bring to market."

The firm added: "With the proprietary Dreamworld engine the company has some of the best tools and expertise available to build and launch these games on time and on budget."

FunCom recently announced the delay to the release of The Secret World Issue #2, now set for September 11.