The Secret World is now available as a free-to-play MMO with an optional membership, Funcom has announced.

This means that once you've bought the game you can access all of the content, including the four major updates, with no monthly fee. Furthermore, buy the game prior to December 31 and you'll get all the Issue #5 content for free too - this would typically cost $5 - and the Initiate Pack which includes strong starter weapons, a Blood Raven pet and extra social clothing.

With the traditional membership being replaced with free-to-play option, those wishing to carry on paying a monthly fee will receive some additional benefits:

  • Time Accelerator (Clickable item which increases experience gain for defeating monsters by 100% for 1 hour, 16 hour cool-down - only usable by Members and Grand Masters)
  • $10 worth of Bonus Points (given out every month) which can be used to purchase expansion content if desired
  • Item-of-the-month gift (given out every month)
  • 10% discount to everything in the in-game store

Lifetime Grandmaster members also receive the above benefits, plus an additional 10 per cent discount on everything in the in-game store.

More details can be found on the Subscription changed FAQ.