Funcom, the developer behind upcoming MMO The Secret World, topped the Oslo stock exchange last year.

According to a report by Views and News from Norway, the development firm saw its share price rise by 227 per cent.

It specified that Age of Conan "sold well and still generates income for Funcom".

The Secret World itself is generating "very good feedback" according to Funcom head Trond Arne Aas and Funcom is hoping for "major income after the launch in April".

The MMO is set to launch April 2012, however we recently got the chance to play it. Check out our preview of The Secret World.

Last year the company saw a loss in its third quarter due to major investments put into The Secret World, but it looks like it should be doing well in the new year. Good news for their upcoming MMO, in a year the company must have feared will be dominated by Star Wars: The Old Republic.