The PS5 might get a built-in camera for live streaming, according to a dev kit leak

The PS5 might get a built-in camera for live streaming, according to a dev kit leak
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A leak regarding the PS5 dev kit claims that the console will get a built-in camera to streamline its powerful live streaming capabilities (via Gizmodo). 

An anonymous source sent photos of the next-generation PlayStation to Gizmodo in June, and the photos matched the official Sony patent for the hardware that swirled about online in August. So, the tipster seems to know their stuff, and they also said they are working on a game coming to the PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett. And the PS5’s codename is apparently ‘Prospero’. Maybe Sony likes to add a little drama to the boardroom meets?

The dev kit leak seems to suggest that the PS5 and Project Scarlett will get a built-in camera. These are dev kits and are subject to change, and naturally, the leaks haven’t been acknowledged by Sony or Microsoft. But the source claims that the camera in Project Scarlett will achieve 4K resolution and adjust its settings dependent on in-game lighting.

This feature would let users set up their streaming platforms in an intuitive and efficient integration. The PS4 and Xbox One support live streaming through Twitch and Mixer, but they don’t offer the same number of options nor the flexibility that comes with PC live streaming. Sony and Microsoft would like to change that, it seems. 

The PS5 won’t be hitting the shelves before April 2020, whereas Microsoft’s Project Scarlett is said to be headed our way by ‘Holiday 2020’. Take these leaks with a pinch of salt, but if they are true, they make interesting statements on the direction gaming will take from the perspectives of Goliaths Sony and Microsoft.