You may remember last week's news about Ryan Reynolds' casting in the US version of the Detective Pikachu movie currently in production. As we mentioned there, the movie is based on an honest-to-goodness 3DS spin-off of the Pokemon games that, until now, haven't seen a release outside of its native Japan. 

That seems like it's set to change however, as in what is likely to be more than coincidental timing, it seems the game's been rated by PEGI, as spotted by Pokemon database website in a tweet posted yesterday. It comes with a 'release date' of December 31 2020, although that's quite obviously only a placeholder for now.

Still, this suggests that an English translation must be on the cards, which makes sense if they want to capitalise on the buzz from the movie. If and when we hear more details on this, we'll more than likely let you know. Here's the original Japanese trailer for the game, if you're curious.

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