Yup, you've read that right, and your eyes do not deceive you. Mr Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds will be providing the English language voice of everyone's favourite yellow Pokemon in the Detective Pikachu movie later this year.

The news was broken by The Hollywood Reporter, who's sources claim that Reynolds will also be providing mocap for Pikachu as well as his voice – it's worth noting that Pikachu will be speaking full English in this movie, rather than his usual one-word vocabulary he's known for. He'll be starring alongside Justice Smith, who's set to appear in Jurassic World's sequel Fallen Kingdom, early next year and will be taking on the role of Pikachu's human sidekick.

As previously reported, the film is being produced by Legendary Pictures and is based on the adventure game spin-off Great Detective Pikachu on the 3DS, which has sadly only seen a release in Japan so far, though we dare say this movie might convince Nintendo to do a translation and release it over here. You can see a trailer for that right this way. 

This also means, sadly, the end of our hopes that Always Sunny's Danny Devito would be voicing the character, but hey, maybe we can look forward to some sort of weird reference to this casting from fourth-wall breaking Deadpool in his next outing? Although we are scared it won't be quite as family friendly if he does. 

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