The demo hit the Marketplace yesterday evening and at only 440MB it won't push your broadband connection too hard. Once downloaded you get to sample the game's multiplayer experience, with up to eight players trying to secure command points and objectives throughout the map. You choose to fight on the side of the Axis or Allies and then choose from three playable squad leaders. The demo also features the game's unique Destruction on Demand ability, allowing players to call up reinforcements at the press of a button. Players can also try out single system multiplayer and go head to head with a friend in split-screen.

THQ and Relic have announced that they plan to develop and release downloadable content for The Outfit, including new multiplayer map-maps. The new content will be released periodically over the next 12 months.

"More than 50 percent of Xbox 360 owners are playing games on Xbox Live and we expect online gaming to be a major factor in the next generation console cycle, both in terms of game content and publisher revenue," said Kelly Flock, executive vice president, Worldwide Publishing, THQ. "The online multiplayer demo for The Outfit and the downloadable content we are announcing today put us at the forefront of this new opportunity and is just the beginning of what gamers should expect from THQ."

The Outfit is released for Xbox 360 throughout Europe on March 17.