Originally released in May, the Collateral Damage map pack cost gamers 500 Microsoft Points. Now, just a few months after the pack's release, THQ has decided to make the content free to everyone.

Whilst this is good news to those who have yet to buy the content, those that did shell out 500 MS Points are likely to be smarting a little. A similar thing happened with Halo 2's Map Packs, which were initially released at a cost, only to later be made available for free. The difference being that Microsoft and Bungie said from the start that the content would eventually be offered at no cost, and paying simply meant you got the maps earlier than the cheapskates.

It will be interesting to see if any other publishers follow suit and cut the cost of older premium content. Of course, many people argue that all the content should be free in the first place, and publishers are simply removing content from the retail release in order to generate extra revenue through micro transactions.