The Outer Worlds shows off its colourful and confrontational world in new gameplay footage

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The Outer Worlds was exhibited at Tokyo Game Show, and 20 minutes of unseen and uncut gameplay footage has been uploaded to a Taiwanese YouTube channel (via gamesradar).

So far, this has been the closest representation of what players will expect from Obsidian Entertainment’s new game. The build is running on a PlayStation 4, and all the text and UI is in Japanese for Tokyo Game Show attendees. Still, it offers a practical look at how combat, the inventory, environments, and dialogue will work.

The game does seem to inherit some of Fallout: New Vegas’ janky charm. The grass disappears in one section, and a corpse catapults off to the left which causes the player to look down confusedly before discovering the body some distance away. Honestly, it would be kind of sad if Obsidian’s next RPG did prove that practice makes perfect and everything ran buttery smooth. And, I’m fine with some technical jiggery-pokery, if it meant that the team didn’t suffer through crunch

The Outer Worlds will launch on October 25 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, then for Nintendo Switch next year. Watch the new gameplay footage below. 


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