The Night Fisherman is a short game about anti-racism in Britain developed by Far Few Giants, and it’s out now on Steam. 

Far Few Giants are the same studio that is working on Ring of Fire, and I enjoyed the demo a lot. And, when I say short, it’s very short. The story spans about five to ten minutes, and it’s a conversation between a fisherman and a member of the English Protection Group. In this near future, this individual patrols the English Channel for illegal immigrants crossing the sea. Choosing the responses of the fisherman, the player selects cinematic camera angles in this interchange, and the surroundings are soaked in sombre but striking shades of purple. 

It’s got to be played to be described properly, and it’s free on Steam and right now. In addition, Far Few Giants has assured that there will be “more The Night Fisherman content very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!”

The Night Fisherman is out now on PC. 

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