Ring of Fire is a sci-fi noir game from Far Few Giants, and it follows a detective pursuing a radicalised serial killer in New London.

Evidently, the game has a sharp and slick art style, which serves to cast the corners of New London in stark contrast and shadow. The killer’s victims are dotted around the city, and the prickly Detective Grosvenor must discern what links these murders together. In spite of the solarpunk setting, realism is at the core of Ring of Fire: conversations only occur once, and clues are not italicised or sparkling for the player. If they are to solve the case, they must examine evidence, interrogate key suspects, and cross-reference conclusions in the police database to discover the truth. 

The premise is a little like Neo Cab, with a hint of Her Story, and a dash of The Wolf Among Us. In short, sign me up. The demo is available until May 1, so hop to it if you’d like to learn more. Ring of Fire is in development and will launch in 2021. 

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