The Big Blue, a new aquatic action adventure game from the team that created Ecco the Dolphin, has launched on Kickstarter and is seeking $665,000 in funding.

The game promises that players will experience the ocean like never before. The look and feel of this game will be beautiful, mysterious and terrifying. Set one million years in the future, the ocean will provide a unique gameplay experience.

Headed by Ed Annunziata - creator of Ecco the Dolphon - the development team has years of game-making experience. Working with a team of 10 people the game will take one year to complete.

Basic gameplay involves exploration, quests, the collection and spawning of life forms, and action puzzle solving. In addition, in The Big Blue all creatures are controllable, with the ability to control more than one in a swarm. You'll also need to populate your own small sea area and breed specific creatures for various quests.

The Big Blue is being developed in Unity, meaning the game will run on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android platforms. The goal is to launch the base game on April 22, 2014.

Stretch goals are also set. Exceed the goal by 50 per cent and cooperative multiplayer will be added, with players able to share environments and complete quests as teams. If two times the funding goal is reached then Big Blue will be made into an MMO, billed as Eve Online in the sea.

Furthermore, the development team hopes to convince Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to "embrace the game" once the first version is out.

Take a look at a interactive prototype here, and get more information in the trailer below.