Ben Borthwick by on Mar 11, 2019

The new Doom live action movie’s trailer is out now

Remember last April when we told you there was a new live action Doom movie coming? Well, the first trailer has finally dropped today and we can now confirm a few details.

It's called Doom Annihilation and as predicted, The Rock and Karl Urban are nowhere to be seen. In fact the entire previous movie appears to be completely swept under the rug as Bloody Disgusting reports that this is not a sequel, and instead we'll be following a new set of marines responding to a distress call on a martian moon, only to find it overrun with actual demons from hell, rather than the genetic experiments gone wrong from the 2005… classic?

The cast includes Amy Manson from Atlantis, Dominic Mafham from Ophelia and of course, the actress whose tweet informed us of the existence of the project last year, Nina Bergman. It's set for release in Fall 2019 and will be straight to DVD/Blu Ray/Digital. Here's that very Aliens-looking trailer:


Game-wise, the next Doom title we're expecting is Doom Eternal, which has been rather quiet since we last some gameplay at last year's Quakecon, aside from the confirmation of a Switch version. Maybe we'll see some more of it at E3?


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