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The Metal Gear Survive always online rumours are true

Previous whispers suggesting Metal Gear Survive would be an always online title have turned out to indeed be true. Rich Walker, from our sister sites Xbox Achievements and PlayStation Trophies, played Metal Gear Survive at a preview event and confirmed that Konami’s upcoming Metal Gear spin-off needs a permanent internet connection.

The main reason for always online appears to be the fact Survive will integrate your single player progress and rewards into the cooperative shenanigans. This method is used by a few other games (think Destiny 2 or MMORPGs like World of Warcraft) but may peeve a few fans, since not everyone has an entirely stable internet connection, and people often play survival games alone rather than in a group. They were already cross about a Metal Gear game being made without Hideo Kojima, anyway.

The plot for Survive revolves around a soldier who helped Big Boss escape Mother Base in MGS5. Shortly after said escape, a wormhole opens and sucks up everyone left, but the soldier manages to escape that fate.

According to the official site, the soldier then loses consciousness for six months and wakes up at a facility belonging to Wardenclyffe Section, a shady research wing of the U.S. government. A Wardenclyffe agent known as Goodluck gives the soldier a special assignment, telling them they’re already infected by a mysterious ‘lifeform’. As the soldier, you then travel to the parallel dimension to find a cure for the infection and rescue any survivors of the wormhole.

Metal Gear Survive is due out on PS4, PC, and Xbox One on February 20 in the US and February 22 in Europe. Check out the trailer for the (always online) single player below.


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