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The Matrix Awakens appears to have leaked via the PlayStation Network

The Matrix Awakens
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A mysterious listing appears to have been found on the PlayStation Network for something called The Matrix Awakens.

The image was found by Redditor the_andshrew and later tweeted out by the Gematsu Twitter account. There’s not much to go on other than the image itself, but it appears to be for the PlayStation 5. The art depicts a city in the familiar Matrix colours, with the text “an Unreal Engine 5 experience”.

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So what is it? Your guess is as good as ours at this early stage. Of course, it doesn’t take too much sleuthing to know it’ll be some sort of tie-in to the new movie. The Matrix Resurrections is set to release on December 22 and will see Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss reunite as Neo and Trinity for one more Matrix adventure from director Lana Wachowski.

The series has had its fair share of game tie-ins in the past too. Enter The Matrix released in 2003 and was a side story set between the second and third movie. Then a few years later The Matrix: Path of Neo allowed gamers to play as main character Neo in key moments through the original trilogy. Finally, MMO The Matrix Online in 2005 on PC was supposed to carry on the story from the movies, but we assume that may be retconned with the upcoming film.

Presumably, we’ll find out exactly how deep The Matrix Awakens rabbit hole goes in the very near future. As an aside, Josh gave us some thoughts on Unreal Engine 5 last year, you can read that over here.