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Silent Hill fan remake, in Unreal Engine 5, revealed

Silent Hill
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A fan remake of Silent Hill is underway, in Unreal Engine, and there is a new video showcasing ten minutes of gameplay, in the school sequence.

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A group of fans, under the name Codeless Games, is working on the remake. And it looks very impressive, indeed. Check out the gameplay video below:

The description reads:

“We’re still working on a fan remake of the classic Silent Hill! This is a real-time gameplay of one of our favorite areas: Midwich Elementary School. We hope you like it!”

It looks true to the original game’s surfaces and atmosphere, albeit strangely clean. The biggest difference, of course, is Harry, the protagonist. He has a new haircut, and he looks far more generic, without Harry’s faint air of vulnerability. Other than that, the school has the details you would expect. (Check out the names of the teachers in the register. They are the surnames of the members of Sonic Youth, of whom the game’s composer, Akira Yamaoka, is a noted fan.

Codeless Games has yet to reveal a release plan for the remake. And Konami, the publisher that owns the Silent Hill IP, will likely not be over the moon with the thing. Still, it isn’t as though Konami has done a stellar job with the series of late. The best way to experience the series, in recent years, has been to go back and play these games as they were.