UPDATE: SCEE has officially announced The Last of Us: Remastered PS4 bundle, due for release across Europe next month.

For €429.99 (~£345) you'll be able to grab a 500GB PS4 along with a copy of the game and a DualShock 4.

A UK price has yet to be confirmed.

ORIGINAL STORY: Sony thinks The Last of Us: Remastered can be a PS4 system seller, based on the appearance of a The Last of Us PS4 console bundle on Amazon France.

The French wing of the international online giant lists the bundle at €429.99 (£345), which includes the black 500GB PS4 console, DualShock 4 controller and a copy of the game.

There's no word on the bundle being made available here in the UK, but it wouldn't be a surprise to see it available alongside the game's release on August 1.

The Last of Us: Remastered boasts improved 1080p visuals, Abandoned Territories Map Pack, Reclaimed Territories Map Pack, and the Left Behind single player campaign. In addition, a Day 1 Edition contains the following extras:

  • Increased Crafting Speed
  • Increased Healing Speed
  • 9mm Reload Speed Upgrade
  • Rifle Clip Capacity
  • Two Skins fro Joel and Ellie
  • Bonus XP for Multiplayer

Source: Amazon France