A PlayStation 4 version of The Last of Us is "probably" in development alongside the upcoming PS3 version, industry analyst Michael Pachter has predicted.

Speaking about the PlayStation 4's line-up on the latest episode of Gamertag Radio, Pachter estimated that Naughty Dog's horror-adventure will see a next-gen release, and that the only platform-exclusives released on next-generation consoles will be developed by first-party studios.

"The only guys who should make exclusive next-gen titles are people who get paid for it, which means first-party or someone that they pay up for an exclusive," Pachter said.

"First-party... like what's The Last of Us going to be? That's coming out in June. Is it going to be next-gen too? Probably. My guess is that that thing gets onto the next-gen. Watch Dogs is next-gen and current-gen, you know?"

The Last of Us was delayed from its original May release date to June 14 earlier this month. The new date pins a release during the week of E3, where PlayStation 4's hardware is expected to be revealed.

"A lot of guys are doing [cross-gen development] but it's really hard to be exclusive, it really is," Pachter continued. "So exclusives [are] gonna be only first-party titles unless, like I said, Epic did Gears of War exclusive because they got paid to be exclusive, and I'm not sure you're going to see those any more.

"We'll see, but I think everybody's going to be on everything because that's just the right business model."

As well as The Last of Us, Pachter also predicts that GTA 5 will see a release on PlayStation 4 and the next-generation Xbox "eventually".

Source: Gamertag Radio