The original ending for The Last of Us would have been set four years in the future, game director Neil Druckmann has revealed while discussing the game's deleted scene during last night's live theatrical performance.


As reported by NeoGAF users in attendance at the show, the scene would have caught up with Joel and Ellie at Tommy's dam four years after he saves her from the Fireflies. Joel is said to be romantically involved with a girl named Esther, although his relationship with Ellie appears to have been strained by his deception.

"El lies acting fairly distant, probably conflicted about joels lie," one user says.

Joel was said to offer Ellie a guitar and play a song for her, promising to teach her. "The scene ends with her striking a note on the guitar," the report concludes.

The scene may sound familiar to fans that have closely followed rumours of a sequel following the game's release last year. Could the image below really be a teaser for what may lie ahead for The Last of Us?

Last of us concept spoiler

The Last of Us Remastered, a PS4 port of last year's hit, launches in the UK this Friday.