Thunderful Group announced The Gunk yesterday, and it’s a stylised 3D adventure game about hoovering parasitic slime. 

The game begins with two scavenger space pilots stumbling upon a planet that appears to be dead from a distance. When they touch down, they discover that the world is coated in a goo which pollutes its vibrant and beautiful wildlife. Formulating a plan and inventing a sci-fi hoover thing, they intend to save this dying planet from oblivion, and discover what led to these tragic events. 

Thunderful Group CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson explained that The Gunk is a “really scary” game for the team to make. “In the past we’ve produced indie hits and been the underdog that (just about) everyone roots for. The games have been cartoonish and harmless. Here’s a game about really scary stuff, slimy things and real conflict. And a scope that’s big from the beginning,” he elaborated. The core of The Gunk is centred on the “strangely soothing–and ridiculously gratifying” hoovering mechanic, and the rest of the pieces fell into place after many, many iterations. I really like the look of this one, and I’ll be keeping an eye on it through its development!

The Gunk will arrive on Xbox One and Xbox Series X in September 2021. Watch the trailer below. 


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