The Finals fans call for more game modes and maps to revitalize play

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The Finals launched stealthily at The Game Awards 2023, and it has been a hit in the gaming community. Though The Finals enjoys success and a strong player base, a segment of the community is raising alarms that the game lacks variety and is becoming repetitive.

To counter this, these players are actively proposing on Reddit that introducing new game modes could invigorate the game, adding much-needed diversity to maintain its allure and player interest. The game offers three modes – Quick Cash, Bank It, and Tournaments – but players crave more variety, including modes like “prophunt, tdm, king of the hill, domination.” These suggestions have gained traction within the community, with many agreeing and proposing their ideas.

The Finals community calls for more agreements to revitalize play by adding game modes.
via Reddit – u/Daddy_Sunhill

The discussion extends beyond just additional modes; players also emphasize the need for a broader range of maps. While acknowledging that the complexity and destructibility of The Finals’ maps make them unique, the community believes that expanding the map pool would further enrich the gameplay experience. Some have even suggested game modes focused on destruction, such as demolishing structures, which aligns with the game’s emphasis on environmental interaction.

Ideas like a capture-the-flag mode have also surfaced, with players brainstorming suitable names and concepts that fit The Finals’ theme. These discussions reflect the community’s creativity and investment in the game’s development, showcasing a desire for modes that leverage the game’s unique mechanics and settings.

As the discussion around new game modes in The Finals continues to grow, the community’s enthusiasm for additional content highlights the importance of variety in maintaining a game’s freshness and appeal. The players’ active participation in suggesting new ideas indicates a deep engagement with the game and a desire to see it evolve. How Embark Studios will respond to these community calls remains to be seen. Still, the potential for new, innovative game modes could be a significant step in keeping The Finals exciting and appealing to its growing fan base.

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