The Elder Scrolls Online Update 3 is scheduled to launch in July, focusing on player customisation and reworking delves to make them much bigger, a Zenimax Online blog post has revealed.

Customisation systems set to be added include armour dyeing, guild insignias and tabards.

Looking ahead, Zenimax Online is in the early stages of re-working quests aimed at reducing the chances of players being separated from their party.

"This is an ongoing effort, but you'll see the problem alleviated over the course of the summer," explains the blog.

Also incoming are new Veteran Dungeons, a new area of Craglorn with an all-new Trial, and more.

Finally there's also big plans for game content post level 50.

Itemization - We'll add gear that's harder to acquire but more worthwhile. We're looking at gear that will make others envious when you're wearing or wielding it-both in appearance and in stat boosts. To do this, we'll adjust soft caps so that they don't kick in quite as quickly. We have to be very careful about how much we adjust numbers, because the greater the variance, the more people can hurt their intended builds.

Veteran Ranks - We're looking at giving you more "points" to spend when you hit a Veteran Rank. This is at a very, very early stage, but essentially, we want to keep the great customization you have for your character from 1-50 and allow you to continue augmenting it in meaningful ways. Our goal is to let you have many more fun character development decisions post level 50.

More content - We're going to continue providing more content on a regular basis. Veteran Dungeons, areas like Craglorn, Trials, and etc. Further, we're going to allow dungeons to level to the group leader. This means you'll be able to go back and play any dungeon to get rewards appropriate for your group leader's level.

That's for the months ahead, but more immediately Update 2 is set to roll out onto the game's main servers in the week of June 23. The update will offer:

  • Crypt of Hearts, a new Veteran Dungeon created for Veteran Rank 12 characters. Continue the Crypt of Hearts story and learn the secrets of Nerien'eth the Lich.
  • Field of View slider-a much-requested feature that lets you tweak the FOV while playing in first-person mode.
  • More object interaction. You can now pick up and equip weapons and armor that you find lying around in the world.
  • More ongoing bug fixes and combat polish.

Source: elderscrollsonline