Ubiquitous voice actor Nolan North may have a starring role in upcoming title The Darkness 2, according to CVG.

At a hands-on preview with Digital Extreme, Project director Sheldon Carter admitted "I'm trying to think of the right way to say this. It is Nolan North that you heard, but that's Nolan kind of helping us out with the work."

Carter also added "We haven't announced yet who Jackie's going to be. I'm not saying it isn't Nolan, we just haven't got to that yet."

So far only Mike Patton has been officially announced as returning to the series.

Knowing North's prominence in video games it wouldn't surprise me to see a "Nolan North to play everyone in Darkness 2" announcement at some point.

But while it's still delightfully vague, it seems like North is either filling in a voice role during development or may potentially take on the role of demonic mobster Jackie in some facet.