The Culling 2 only came out recently, but developer Xaviant has confirmed that it's now pulling the battle royale title offline and focusing its efforts in relaunching the original game.

It's fair to say that The Culling 2 pissed a lot of fans off. Apart from the fact Xaviant abandoned the first game to work on a sequel no one asked for, gamers weren't happy with its reduced emphasis on melee combat, not to mention its low server populations. 

It also didn't help the fact that The Culling 2 was just, well, a bit crap to begin with as a video game.

As a result, Xaviant's Josh Van Veld confirmed in a video message to fans that the studio will be launching The Culling as a free to play title, and is taking steps to have the sequel removed from digital storefronts. It's currently in the process of contacting Valve, Sony, and Microsoft to ensure it's removed from their respectives digital outlets.

In addition, anyone who purchased The Culling 2 will be offered a full refund. As for the original game, Xaviant is bringing the shooter back to its day-one state on the test servers this week, and will begin the process of putting it back into development. 

Eventually, the studio hopes to bring airdrops, perks, and the game's original combat back into the fold. 

The Culling 2 was released on July 10 for PC, although if you haven't played it yet you should probably thank your lucky stars you haven't gotten around to it.

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