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The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition coming to Wii U on March 8

The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition will be released for Wii U on March 8, Activision has announced.

This Wii U version includes four DLC packs on the game disc, plus unique Wii U gameplay elements including off-screen support and using the GamePad as Spidy’s Oscorp OsPhone.


  • Stan Lee Adventure Pack – Completely voiced by the Spider-Man creator himself, you’ll play as Stan Lee and web-sling through NYC in an amazing race across the city. Take on Spidey’s powers as you wall crawl, web rush, and swing across Manhattan to collect the missing pages of Stan “The Man’s” latest script. Collect all the pages and unlock a surprise reward!
  • Lizard Rampage Pack – Take control of Dr. Connors’ terrifying alter-ego in a race against time as you rampage through the streets as Lizard to defeat Oscorp guards
  • Rhino Challenge – Rampage through NYC as the unstoppable Rhino and cause as much destruction as possible before the timer runs out! The more damage you inflict, the more bonus points you earn as you build momentum ramming through taxis and cars!
  • Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack – Includes 2 mini-games through Spider-Man’s in-game cell phone
  • New suits, including the Vigilante suit from The Amazing Spider-Man movie and the Classic Spider-Man suit from the Raimi trilogy

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The Amazing Spider-Man

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