The Alien: Isolation digital series contains brand new scenes

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Alien: Isolation was an absolute triumph. Creative Assembly's 2014 release captured the atmosphere of the series better than any developer in video games had before, and since. Yesterday, it was announced that 20th Century Fox was taking the game's cutscenes and turning them into a 'digital series' for IGN. Today, you can watch it.

Similar to the Netflix model, all seven episodes of the series have dropped, coming in at a total runtime of around 74 minutes. The series developers, RES and DVgroup, told IGN that they took some of the game's original cinematics, and created some new scenes themselves, and re-shot a number of the first-person bits with a CG model of protagonist Amanda Ripley.

DVgroup's Fabian DuBois said, 'Viewers will get to enjoy an exciting narrative that doesn’t repeat the Alien: Isolation story, but completes it.' They added that the game's narrative hasn't been changed, and instead, builds on the CA classic. Bold.

RES' Kinga Smith said she was thanful that Fox allowed them 'creative freedom… while remaining true to the Alien canon.'

Alien: Isolation, obviously, was a first-person game, so as a massive fan of what the UK-based studio did almost five years ago, I'll be interested to see what this is like for myself. You can watch it yourself, in full, right this bloody second, if you'd like.

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