Gamers don't like cross-platform play, despite how much they say they want it on Internet forums, the senior game designer on PS3 and PC MMO The Agency has said.

Cross-platform play, which allows users on separate platforms to play together, has been rarely supported by game developers and publishers. Notable exceptions include PC and Xbox 360 game Shadowrun and Square Enix RPG Final Fantasy XI.

Speaking to, The Agency senior game designer Kevin O'Hara said that while the development team can technically do cross-platform play, there is a perception among gamers that it is "inherently unfair".

He said: "We've been doing a lot of research on it though and we're finding that players actually don't like it. They say that they want it because it sounds cool to play with your PS3 buddies with your PC. But in practice no matter how balanced you make it there's a perception that inherently it's unfair."

O'Hara said that they will trial cross-platform play in The Agency beta, but wasn't hopeful that the feature would be supported when the game is released next year.

He said: "In beta we'll try it a little bit and see how we like it but if nothing else the majority of servers will be either PS3 or PC, maybe with some crossover servers."

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