In an interview with, the acclaimed creator of Space Channel 5 and Rez was once again asked about the possibilities of making a new Rez game for SEGA. He responded stating that "I'm currently seriously considering it. It's always there. I'm always thinking about it. [Grinning] Also Space Channel 5." The possibility of a new Rez title is certainly an exciting prospect, and, despite a lack of commercial success, the game has built up a cult following.

In the same interview Mizuguchi was also asked about his opinions on the Wii.

"Nintendo Wii is very interesting, a very special controller, a very original style. Too special, maybe, if you want to make the game not only Wii, but for other platforms, because you want to give the game the best chance. I'm really interested in the style, though."

Not exactly a glowing recommendation there, but he's certainly not ruling out games for the Wii. You can check out the whole interview over on

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