Tetris is coming to the Nintendo 3DS, for the first time in full 3D, on October 21, Nintendo has announced.

The game features over 20 Tetris game modes. Players can sit down for an extended session with Marathon mode, or drop an AR Card on the table in front of you and watch the game come to life in all-new augmented reality modes. Compete in non-stop battles in the Computer Battle mode, race against the clock in Fever mode, or hold on for as long as you can in Survival mode.

Party modes include Fit, squeeze blocks into specifically shaped holes; Bombliss Plus, use bombs to explode blocks coming up from below; Capture, strategically cover stars on both sides of the Matrix with Tetriminos; and Jigsaw, solve picture puzzles or import your own pictures.

New items for Fever mode will be made available via SpotPass.

Tetris also offers a host of multiplayer - five Local Multiplayer modes and three Download Play modes designed for up to eight people at one time. The Download Play multiplayer game modes only require a single Game Card. Tetris players can also take the block-battles online and compete against the rest of the world using the World Battle and Friend Battle game modes.

Tetris is available across Europe from October 21.