Ben Borthwick by on Jul 12, 2019

Tetris 99’s latest Grand Prix is Splatoon 2 themed

Tetris 99 has launched its fifth Grand Prix live event, and this time it's themed around squid-kid paint-shooter Splatoon 2.

Starting from today, any online games of Tetris 99 played over this weekend will grant you a number of points, depending on where you finish up. Once you manage to rack up a total score of 100 points, you'll unlock a free Splatoon crossover theme permanently in Tetris 99.

You've got until July 16 to take part, here's a trailer. Tetris 99 itself meanwhile is gearing up to recieve the second half of its paid DLC offering, introducing offline multiplayer play.



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Tetris 99

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13 February 2019