Ben Borthwick by on Jul 9, 2019

Tetris 99 begins detailing its offline multiplayer DLC

It seems as though popular battle royale puzzler Tetris 99 is nearly ready to launch the second chunk of its paid DLC that will allow local multiplayer to be added to the game.

Eurogamer spotted that a listing for 'DLC 2' had gone up on the Nintendo Australia Store tipping folks off that the offline multiplayer mode's arrival may be soon, while a trip to the equivalent page on the Nintendo UK store for the Tetris 99 DLC reveals what those modes are.

First off, Local Arena mode will allow up to eight players get together in a room for Tetris action, while 2P Share Battle will allow two players to share their Joy-Con controllers for a one versus one face-off.

These modes will both be added as promised to the paid Big Block DLC which is currently available that already allows for players to take on the CPU or a solo-only marathon mode. There's no date for when DLC 2 will drop, or if you'll need an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play it like the main game, but we suspect we'll hear more pretty soon.

The Nintendo UK Twitter account has also revealed that Tetris 99 will see a physical release that includes this and all the Big Block DLC, and that'll be out exclusively for Switch on September 20.


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Tetris 99

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13 February 2019