You've probably already seen comparisons of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Ghostbusters, with the general opinion being that the PS3 version is graphically inferior. Now, developer Terminal Reality has confirmed that the game does indeed render at a lower resolution on PS3.

Asked for comment by Joystiq, a Terminal Reality spokesperson said: "For the record, the PS3 version is softer due to the 'quincunx' antialiasing filter and the fact we render at about 75% the resolution of the 360 version."

The spokesperson added: "So you cannot directly compare a screen shot of one to the other unless you scale them properly. The PS3 does have less available RAM than the 360 - but we managed to squeeze 3 out of 4 textures as full size on the PS3."

It's not great news for European gamers who don't have the option of buying the Xbox 360 version - until later this year it's the PS3 and PS2 versions only.