As it turns out, the rumours were spot-on. Far Cry 4 has been announced, and will be set in the Himalayas. They have confirmed that elephants will feature in the game, and made reference to the player "using a vast array of weapons, vehicles and animals".

The previous game, 2012's Far Cry 3, featured a plethora of animals which served the core hunting and crafting mechanics, so it's reasonable to assume that wildlife will play a similar role in the sequel.

With that in mind, Simon and I sat down to discuss what sort of fauna one might expect to encounter in the Himalayas. In real life, it is a rich and bio-diverse region, not quite the lifeless, frozen mountain range you might imagine.

Check out the video below for ten animals which you could well face in Far Cry 4, and more importantly, find out if Simon Miller could take them in a fight.