Speaking to Shacknews, Connors said on the subject of a second Sam & Max season: "Yeah. I don't think we'd miss out on that opportunity. We'll be able to make that happen for sure."

With a second season seemingly a cert, what else does Telltale have in the works? Games for Wii and Xbox 360, that's what. According to Connors, Telltale is "hoping to get on to both consoles, with Live Arcade and Virtual Console."

That's not to say they don't also want to work on the PS3, but for starters it's the Wii and Xbox 360 "on both of their online services and retail as well."

What games Telltale has in store for the home consoles is something the developer isn't willing to discuss at this time.

The next instalment in Sam & Max Season 1 is Episode five - Reality 2.0 which should be available in April.