Telltale Games has ambitions to become a "major, first-class digital publisher" within the next five to ten years "right there with Valve," the firm's co-founder Kevin Bruner has said.

Speaking about Telltale's five-to-ten year plan in the latest issue of Game Informer, Bruner said that he sees the company "cementing itself as a major, first-class digital publisher. Right there with Valve, having the scope of a current EA or something like that."

Bruner co-founded Telltale Games with a group of former LucasArts employees in June 2004. The company currently employs around 90 members of staff, and operates as an independent digital games publisher and developer specialising in episodic gaming.

It recently developed and published the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead series of games.

But to help it achieve its goals, Telltale's CEO Dan Connor thinks that a "closer relationship to Hollywood" could be necessary.

"I also see us with a closer relationship to Hollywood in a way where there is more of a [transmedia] approach," says Connor, "where games and television and movies are all coming from the same source and there is a strategy to execute it across all of the different outlets.

"The game component is considered along with the movie component along with the show component, and they grow together."

Telltale already has plenty of experience of working with movie companies, of course.

Prior to The Walking Dead, it developed episodic games based around the Jurassic Park, Back To The Future and Wallace & Gromit IPs.