Bandai Namco Games has revealed a new trailer for Tekken 7 highlighting the game's upcoming Wall Bound mechanic.

The Wall Bound is coming as part of a major update for the visually-striking scrapper next month, which ushers in a second season of content. As you might have guessed, it allows you to bounce (or bound) your opponent off a wall, giving you a chance to pummell them further.

Wall combos were already a pretty big thing in Tekken anyway, although this takes this to the next level. Just look at those combos; clearly, the Tailspin mechanic has some competition.

Tekken 7 will also receive two additional characters next month in the shape of veteran brawlers Lei Wulong and Anna Williams. Negan from The Walking Dead is also rocking up at some point, with three other as-yet unconfirmed combatants.

If you haven't played Tekken 7, then be sure to have a butcher's at our review.



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