Tekken 7 boss Katsuhiro Harada has revealed that a new patch has been released for the celebrated scrapper, balancing a number of key characters following the launch of Season Two last week.

One of the biggest issues addressed is Lars, who was buffed like most other Tekken 7 brawlers albeit perhaps a little too much. Another issue was with Bryan Fury, with players unable to use his infamous taunt to the same effect as before.

For those unaware, Bryan's taunt could stun opponents to allow for follow-up combos, and could be cancelled to fake out their opponents. 

The update also addresses other character-specific moves, including Anna, Katarina, Eliza, and Master Raven. There's also a couple of other minor tweaks included in the update, though most of it is aimed at balance changes.

Tekken 7 Season Two introduced a number of additional features for the punchy sequel, such as a Wall Bound mechanic, new characters including Lei Wulong and Anna, and a rank progress bar.

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