by on Mar 22, 2021

Tekken 7 reveals fictional Polish PM Lidia Sobieska who joins the DLC roster tomorrow

Developer Bandai Namco has fully formally revealed tomorrow's next DLC fighter for Tekken 7 following her tease last month.

Lidia Sobieska is our new character's name and yes, she is indeed the Tekken universe's Polish Prime Minister. She's a karate expert, having entered and won her first world championship at the age of 18 and is ready to show off her skills in the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Lidia also arrives with a brand new stage known as Island Paradise, which will see fighters duke it out on the sands of a lovely looking beach including palm trees, yachts and swimming pool. Both the stage and Lidia will make up DLCs 18 and 19 for the game and be available separately or as part of the game's Season Pass 4 from tomorrow, March 23.

On top of the DLC, a new patch for all owners of the game will also be coming tomorrow that includes new features added to Player Match and new illustrations in the Gallery. Check out the patch notes right over this way. Tekken 7 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.



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