Teenage genius NiCO revealed for Dead or Alive 6

Teenage genius NiCO revealed for Dead or Alive 6
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Dead or Alive 6 developer Team Ninja has lifted the veil on NiCO, the game's second all-original character. 

NiCO is also known as The Lightning Technomancer, and despite being just a teenager, wields a deadly martial art known as Pencak Silat hailing from Southeast Asia. She also just happens to be a genius scientist, having been entrusted with the M.I.S.T. development project. 

Born and raised in Finland, NiCO's game of fisticuffs involves pummelling her foes with electro-shock gloves, and is fast on her feet thanks to her use of EMF Rings. 

In addition to NiCO, the studio also confirmed that Kokoro, the half-sister of Helena, is joining Dead or Alive 6's roster packing a painful combination of elbow and palm thrusts. She has some lethal throws under her belt, too. 

Finally, professional wrestler Lisa Hamilton, otherwise known as La Mariposa, is making a comeback despite rumours of her retirement at the conclusion of the previous tournament. 

Dead or Alive 6 is due for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 19, 2019.