IGN has partially translated a statement issued by Tecmo in response to a statement from Tomonobu Itagaki in which the famed Ninja Gaiden creator announced his resignation.

Tecmo denies responsibility to pay the completion bonus Itagaki mentions in his statement and claims to have paid a bonus each year to Itagaki. However, a bonus structure from previous management is a separate issue.

Tecmo's statement also says the damages sought out against CEO Yoshimi Yasuda are a product of "distortions" from Itagaki.

The Tecmo statement complains at the public disclosure of Itagaki's statement, explaining that although important it considered the litigation a personal matter. The statement goes on to add that Itagaki refers to Team Ninja's titles as if they were only developed by himself, which is not the case.

The statement closes with an apology to customers, stock holders and business partners and also notes that Team Ninja has already started working on new games.

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