Tecmo Koei has confirmed that it's "looking into" issues affecting Dead or Alive 5's online functionality, and working on a title update to fix "some" of the reported problems.

"Can't confirm any dates yet but just to let you know that we're looking into updating DOA5's online functions and fix some of the known issues reported to date," said the publisher on the Dead or Alive Facebook page.

"We're looking into working on prioritized and quick fix issues making them available as an update ASAP. Issues requiring additional attention and time will be considered at a later stage."

Dead or Alive 5's online mode has been criticised since release for its latency issues and shoddy netcode.

It isn't yet known which of the game's issues are being prioritised and which will require additional time.

Dead or Alive 5 launched last Friday on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Earlier this morning, Tecmo Koei announced that it would be releasing a free Costume Pack for the game's characters later today.