Tanki Online, an arcade-style free-to-play browser game, is now available in the UK after gaining huge success in other parts of Europe, Alternativa Platform has announced.

The game would be easy to dismiss if it weren't for the massive 41 million registered users gained since it launched in Russia back in 2009.

All the action takes place directly in your web browser, meaning you're up and running in seconds.

Tanki Online features:

  • Free-to-play 3D arcade style browser game
  • Playable in any internet browser in less than 30 seconds without prior installation
  • Play your own way! Battles can be both short and long dependent on your play style
  • Fast paced matches, characterised by tactical elements
  • Intuitive controls
  • Over 70 maps with summer and winter environment options
  • Four Game-play Modes: Death match / Team Death match / Capture the Flag / Control Points
  • Nine turrets / Seven hulls / Four basic modification levels per each item / Huge variety of paint options for further protection and customisation / Micro-upgrades
  • No AI-enemies
  • After being destroyed: return to the battlefield in a matter of seconds
  • Unlock military ranks with access to new upgrades and maps by collecting experience points
  • In game tournaments and competitions including high-quality prizes
  • Team-Co-op and active Clan scene
  • Constant game development and consideration of community feedback
  • Over 41 million registered users worldwide

Source: Press release