System Shock 3 is still happening, regardless of reports to the contrary

System Shock 3 is still happening, regardless of reports to the contrary
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OtherSide Entertainment, the studio behind System Shock 3, has issued an update on the project which was reportedly on the rocks (via VGC).

Earlier this year, an anonymous OtherSide employee revealed that the game was “critically behind” on its schedule, and confirmed that the team was “no longer employed.” This tallied with what a former community manager had said previously about the project, although the company itself had not acknowledged the reports. Troublingly, OtherSide’s social channels have not been active for some time, and according to LinkedIn, only four people are working for the developer at the moment.

It’s cheering to know that OtherSide hasn’t gone under, but the absence of System Shock 3 from Somol’s update has been noticed. Another anonymous source on Reddit claims that the game is “more or less in limbo,” because there is “no studio developing the game, but there is still a core team that still exists, but they’re more like publishers or IP holders at this point.” Of course, we aren’t able to say for certain until OtherSide offers more information on System Shock 3. We will keep you in the loop once that happens.

System Shock 3 is on its way to PC in 2020.